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Our supporters

Our work is supported by private, institutional, and corporate donors. We only accept funding if it does not limit our independence. Detailed financial information is available in our reports (available in Polish).

Our donors

Active Citizens – National Fund

The activity of Panoptykon Foundation in 2022-24 is co-financed by the Norwegian Funds within the Active Citizens – National Fund programme.

Previously, Active Citizens – National Fund funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Funds, funded our „Everything Under Control” project tackling the problem of unscrutinised powers of secret services in Poland.

Logo Stefan Batory Foundation

Stefan Batory Foundation

The Stefan Batory Foundation supported our capacity building activity in 2016-17 and 2018-19. In 2016-19 it funded ”BINGO” project to support CSOs in their resilience against digital and physical threats. It also funded our watchdog activity within the “Digital Surveillance – Digital Rights” (2011-14) and “Monitoring of Law” (2010-11, ”Surveillance 2011 – a Summary Attempt” report) projects.



The Civitates donation allows us to carry out activity for better legal regulation of Internet platforms.

In 2019-20 Civitates funded our “Who (really) targets you?” research dedicated to political microtargeting on Facebook (carried out in partnership with ePaństwo Foundation and SmartNet Research&Solutions company). In 2021 it funded the continuation of this research focused on content optimisation algorithms in the social media.

Logo HBF

Digital Freedom Fund

The Digital Freedom Fund supports our SIN versus Facebook legal battle challenging private censorship online.

Logo European AI & Society Fund

European AI & Society Fund

The European AI & Society Fund grant helps us to expand our knowledge on AI, research its various appliances, and advocate for better legal regulation to protect people from its harmful usage.

Logo EDRi

European Digital Rights

The Belgian organization European Digital Rights supports our advocacy efforts towards better regulation of Internet platforms and Artificial Intelligence.

Logo Google


The Google for Non-Profit programme allows us to advertise our content in Google Search.

In 2018 Google co-funded a series of workshops and a report on political disinformation. In 2016-17 – workshops on safety of information for journalists.

Logo Lubasz and Partners

Lubasz and Partners

The Lubasz and Partners – an Attorney-in-Law’s Office supports our activity focused on settling the violation of data protection laws by the Polish Postal Service during the organization of so called envelope elections, as well as other GDPR related activity.

Logo OSF

Open Society Foundations

Since 2011 the OSF has supported our activity with its multi-annual grants.

In 2018 the OSF additionally supported our campaign on consumer rights related to the new data protection law in the European Union, carried out together with the European Digital Rights Brussels office and Bits of Freedom from Netherlands. OSF also funded the “Panoptykon Network” project (2010-11, ”Internet and Fundamental Rights” report) and research on profiling the unemployed by employment agencies (June-September 2015; together with Ford Foundation and Media Democracy Fund).

Logo Samsung

Samsung Electronics Poland

Samsung supports our awareness raising activity in the field of AI.

In the past (2015, 2018) Samsung supported our educational project “Cyfrowa Wyprawka” (Digital Toolkit).

Logo Sigrid Rausing Trust

Sigrid Rausing Trust

The Sigrid Rausing Trust supports our core activity with institutional grants (June 2017 – May 2018, June 2018 – May 2021, June 2021 – May 2024).

Our past donors:

Brand24 supported Panoptykon with free access to its Internet and social media monitoring tool.

The Avast Foundation based in the Netherlands supported our core activity in 2022.

The ”Citizens for Democracy” grant funded by the EEA Funds allowed us to carry out a watchdog project ”Surveillance and State. The Monitoring of Public Institutions” (2014-16). The project aimed at putting the process of purchase and use of surveillance measures under scrutiny of the public. It included monitoring and research as well as information and advocacy activity. The EEA Funds support allowed us also to carry out a watchdog project „Digital Surveillance – Digital Rights 2” (2014-15), which embraced monitoring, research, and advocacy activity, as well as interventions and was aimed at the problem of insufficient protection of human rights in the field of new surveillance technologies. In 2016 the EEA Funds supported the ”They are coming! How are we going to welcome them?” project realized in partnership with the Association for Legal Intervention, the Institute of Public Affairs and the Polish Migration Forum.

The GKR Legal Gołębiowska Krawczyk Roszkowski and Partners law firm partnered in our ”Say ‘no’ to nosy park metres” initiative.

The Heinrich Boell Foundation in 2018 co-funded a series of workshops on disinformation for journalists. In 2019 it co-funded the Academy of Digital Toolkit to support educators specializing in digital issues. HBF also supported our research and educational activity carried out within the “Digital Surveillance – Digital Rights” project in 2013.

The Henryk Wujec Civic Fund in 2020 supported our activity to settle violations of data protection law by the Polish Postal Service during the organisation of so called envelope elections.

The Internet Policy Observatory in 2017-18 supported research of bot activity on Polish Twitter.

The Kantar Millward Brown in 2011-13 run pro bono a series of research on society’s attitude towards protection of privacy and various surveillance measures (the key findings on the social aspects of CCTV were published in ”CCTV in the Social Life” report). In 2018 it supported our work on communication strategy by carrying out an opinion poll on a nation-wide sample.

The Ministry of Administration and Digital Agenda supported the creation of a series of educational materials (including the „Data-quake” card game) and other activity within the “Digital Toolkit for Adults” (2013) and “Digital Toolkit for Adults 2” (2014) projects.

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage supported the Academy of Digital Toolkit (2014-15) and other educational activity within the „Digital Toolkit in the Library and Teachers’ Staff Room” (June-December 2015) and “Conscious and Safe in the World of Media and Information” (2013) projects.

The Mozilla Foundation supported the work of our lawyer and analyst Karolina Iwańska, with Mozilla EU Tech Policy Fellowship (2019-20).

The Polish-German Foundation for Science supported the research project on surveillance in workplace, carried out in 2018-19 in partnership with the Viadrina European University and the Warsaw University.

The Renewable Freedom Foundation supported us with 3 small grants in 2017: to plan educational activities related to GPDR, Facebook Algorithmic Factory and Why Are You Tracking Me awareness campaign about internet tracking. In 2018 it supported us with a grant for core activities.

The SSW Pragmatic Solutions law firm supported us with pro bono legal advice in organizational issues.

The Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe supported our capacity building in (2012-16). It funded i.a. the series of animated films about life under surveillance

The Velux Foundations within the “Safe Childhood” program operated by the Empowering Children Foundation supported our educational activities addressed to children, youth, and teachers, carried out under the Digital Toolkit brand (2013-14).

The Wolters Kluwer publishing company provided us with the free access to its Legal Information System LEX (2012-18).

The Association of Importers and Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment – ZIPSEE “Digital Poland” supported our activity dedicated to analysing public debate on the Internet and its influence on democracy in 2017.