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Do Something About Your Digital Shadow, TEDx 2014 [VIDEO]


Privacy is not about hiding things that we want to keep secret. It is about our right to choose, when, for what purpose and who can see certain data about us. It’s about control. Even data that might seem meaningless, like separate internet application logs or IP address that changes apparently with every new session, but put together they might reveal a lot about Internet user with surprising accuracy. We might lose track of what we have put online, but Internet doesn’t forget. It may even guess things that you never told anybody. Unfortunately usage of digital shadow, especially for profiling purposes, is not regulated by law. What can you do to reduce your digital shadow or stop others form using it against you? Katarzyna Szymielewicz presents problems regarding usage of digital shadow by public and private entities and recommends action, which might be taken to protect ourselves or change rules of the game.

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