Our work

We operate on several fronts simultaneously. We fight for legal changes, encourage better practices in institutions and companies, and influence the public debate.

We are watching the watchers

We keep an eye on the state and corporations that know too much about you:

  • we monitor the legislative process in Poland and the European Union;
  • we review draft bills and alert the public opinion to potential threats;
  • we identify and expose irregularities in institutions and corporations;
  • we analyze new technology development trends, initiate social research and collaborate with experts.

We fight for laws that protect freedom and privacy:

  • we submit our recommendations of legislative changes;
  • we build momentum for change, working in partnerships with other social organizations (incl. those associated in the European Digital Rights network) and collaborating with institutions and businesses;
  • we run strategic court cases and engage in proceedings in front of data protection authorities.

We demonstrate the threats arising from the development of new technologies and we empower people to cope with them:

  • we run public campaigns;
  • we make media appearances, participate in public events, organize discussions, and teach workshops for journalists and activists;
  • we write articles, handbooks and guides; we produce video content and a podcast;
  • we have created the educational website Cyfrowa Wyprawka [The Digital Toolkit] and the card game Trzęsienie danych [The Dataquake].