Fast and easy wins are hard to come by in this line of work. Many cases take years to resolve, and many are still awaiting a conclusion. Still, we have plenty of accomplishments to be proud of.

We expose threats
  • Time and again, we have exposed how actions taken by states and corporations infringe on your rights.
  • We have won a number of information access cases.
  • We alerted the public to a clandestine anti-terrorist draft bill, sound recording on trains and in public offices, and a questionnaire that unfairly profiled unemployed persons.
  • We brought to light phone bill monitoring statistics, and now the data are routinely published.

Our work has led to stopping many dangerous initiatives, including:

  • designs to expand the video surveillance of streets and schools,
  • universal wealth audits for individuals,
  • deployment of the Polish Integrated Analytical Platform (Zintegrowana Platforma Analityczna) in the form that was vulnerable to various types of abuse,
  • the unfair system of profiling unemployed persons.
  • We have driven the effort to introduce a Polish law that enables loan applicants to learn how their bank has profiled them.
  • We inspired some of the European Union solutions to increase the transparency of algorithms used by big tech in their services and to empower users questioning content moderation decisions on social media platforms.
  • We persuaded the Polish Ombudsman to join our fight against profiling the unemployed.
  • Together with hundreds of lawyers, IT specialists and academics, we criticized pandemic measures involving smartphone applications.
  • Thousands of Polish people backed our appeals to the government in such matters as law enforcement oversight.
  • We have established a media presence in Poland and the world.
  • We have initiated a discussion on the threats of new technology use by the state and big business.
  • We reached several million people with our campaign on law enforcement oversight.