Donate the 1.5% of your tax to Panoptykon Foundation

For 15 years, we have been keeping a watchful eye on the government and corporations. We expose violations. We fight for legislation to protect freedom and privacy. We help people live consciously in the digital world.

If you pay taxes in Poland, you can support our operations with your 1.5%. Enter Panoptykon’s National Court Register number on your tax return.

KRS: 0000327613

How to donate 1.5% of your tax

Do you work under an employment contract or a civil law contract? Run a company? Generate revenue on the stock market, real estate rentals and sales, or foreign business? In any of these cases, you can donate 1.5% of your tax to the Panoptykon Foundation if you pay taxes in Poland. Just enter our National Court Register number on your annual tax form: KRS 0000327613.

You can file your tax return between 15 February and 30 April in several ways:

  • by using the Twój e-Pit service,
  • by completing the eDeklaracja,
  • by submitting a paper form,
  • by using one of the many free computer programs for tax returns (but make sure that it allows you to donate your 1.5% to any organization you choose, not just a selected one).
How to complete the form

If you are using the tax form PIT-37, enter the information of the organization you have chosen to support in boxes no. 147–151. On PIT-36, it belongs in boxes no. 520–524.

If you receive a pension or disability pension, the Social Insurance Institution is responsible for filing your tax returns. In that case, submit the declaration PIT OP to donate your 1.5% (you will find instructions at

In order to donate 1.5% of your tax to the Panoptykon Foundation, enter our National Court Register number KRS: 0000327613.


If you check a special consent box, the Tax Office will send us your name, surname and address, and inform us about the sum you donated as 1.5% of your tax. If you file your taxes jointly with your spouse, their data will also be shared with us.


The box with the „detailed objective of the 1.5%” [cel szczegółowy] should be left blank.

In “additional information” [informacje dodatkowe], you can include your e-mail address or postal address, and describe how you learnt about the possibility to donate your 1.5% to Panoptykon and why you have decided to support us.


The Panoptykon Foundation processes your personal data to finance our programme activity, to analyse donations, to send thank-you letters, to inform how we use donations, to protect against potential claims, to assess our effectiveness, and to personalise communication.

We will use your address provided by the Tax Office to send a thank-you letter along with a summary of the results of our work in the past year. If you do not wish to receive such correspondence, do not check the consent box to avoid sharing your data or let us know about your refusal via e-mail ( You may say no to a thank-you letter and information about how we use donations. Check our Privacy policy for more information about how we process your data and what your rights are.

Why support Panoptykon

The sheer amount of information that states and corporations hold in their hands threatens our freedom, privacy and democracy. By donating 1.5% of your tax to the Panoptykon Foundation, you support the only organization in Poland which acts for new technologies to serve society, and for people to have control over how their data is used.

What does Panoptykon do?

  • We watch the watchers. We keep an eye on the government and on big corporations. We check how they use your data. We stop dangerous legislative proposals.
  • We suggest solutions. We seek support for our demands. We run strategic court cases. We fight for laws that protect freedom and privacy.
  • We spread awareness. We expose violations. We publicize the challenges posed by the development of new technologies. We help people live consciously in the digital world.

Independence is our priority. Therefore, we have chosen to use only selected fund sources (find out more on our Funding subpage). What we can do depends on how much we raise and how many people stand with us.

Help us watch the watchers – donate your 1.5% to the Panoptykon Foundation.

KRS: 0000327613