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Civic Democracy Watch, a joint initiative by a group of Polish NGOs dedicated to protecting human rights, the rule of law and transparency in Poland has been officially launched. The Democracy Watch is an answer of Polish NGOs to alarming changes in the legislation practice in Poland. The website is a repository of opinions, analyses and official statements on proceeded and accepted legislation, authored by Polish NGOs. The documents relate to the pieces of legislation concerning such issues as: human rights and freedoms, democratic rule of law and the governance, the position of various institutions in the legal system in Poland. Panoptykon Foundation is among the founders of the initiative.

Documents are organized by topic: Public Media, Police and Secret Services, Attorney’s Office, Ombudsman, Civil Service. A click on a selected topic will take the user to the list of legislation related to it. Under each piece of legislation, a list of opinions, statements and analyses relating to it can be found.

The Democracy Watch was initiated by: Digital Centre, Panoptykon Foundation, Stefan Batory Foundation, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, INPRIS – Institute for Law and Society, Institute of Public Affairs, Citizens Network Watchdog Poland, Amnesty International Poland, Association for Legal Intervention.

The initiative is open for other actors interested in monitoring and analyzing legislation process.