GDPR – no major changes in Panoptykon

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From May 25th the new General Data Protection Regulation will come fully into force. From Panoptykon’s point of view it is a change for the better. The GDPR is the outcome of the legislative process which we were engaged in from the very beginning (already when the European Commission announced the public consultation in October 2010!). Thanks to the new regulation it will be easier for us to fight against bad practices of companies that until now exploited our personal data and calculated profit without even noticing our rights.

At Panoptykon we also process personal data and we had to make sure that our procedures were compliant with the GDPR. You’ve known us for a long time and you know that collecting unnecessary data or sharing your data with third parties is not in our nature. Therefore today we don’t have any revolutionary news for you, but a remodelled privacy policy where we described – in a clearer and more understandable way – how we process the data of people who contact us in various situations. We have also included new elements required by the GDPR in the privacy information (e.g. the information about your rights).

You will find all information in the updated Privacy Policy. Pay special attention to the section: ‘User data in the domain’.