Open Source Surveillance And Online Privacy, CPDP 2014 [VIDEO]

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Access of the law enforcement agencies and secret services upon more or less formal warrants and request do not cover the whole problem of the online surveillance. More and more date is available out there without any warrants – just to read, take and process. It is the situation, when the data that we all publish online, with more or less awareness of the consequences, is used by authorities mention above for whatever purposes. How purpose limitation could possibly be used to limit open source surveillance? To what extent privacy settings that by default enable or enhance making data public help in conducting this type of surveillance? How open source surveillance might influence individual? Richard Allan (Facebook), Jan Derkacz (AGH University of Science and Technology), Ian Readhead (UK Association of Chief Police Officers) and Matthew Rice (Privacy International) discussed emerging trends in open source surveillance, technological possibilities and adequacy of existing legal safeguards during panel organized by Panoptykon Foundation, Bits of Freedom and Privacy International on the 7th Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference.

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