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Panoptykon Foundation is a not-for profit organization. Our projects are financed by various grant-giving institutions, both private and public. However, to be able to react quick to the emerging crises in our area of expertise, we do need your support. Support now! Donate in Polish Zloty, Euro or US Dollar:

  • PLN: PL 43 1440 1101 0000 0000 1044 6058
  • EUR: PL 11 1440 1101 0000 0000 1417 0658
  • USD: PL 85 1440 1101 0000 0000 1209 4205


Freedom counts!

If you pay your tax in Poland, you can also support us with your 1% tax exemption. Make sure you provide our registry number in your annual tax declaration: 0000327613.

Three reasons why we need your support

  • First of all, because of independence and credibility. As we are controlling both business entities and public institutions, we cannot access some of the institutional funding sources. Our fundraising policy allows only limited scope of activities and percentage of the annual budget to be financed by corporate and public sources.
  • Secondly, dynamic changes and crises emerging in our areas of expertise often require immediate action. In such situations, we don’t have enough time to apply for grants and postpone action until a decision comes. This was the case with the anti-ACTA campaign.
  • Thirdly, the outcomes of watchdog activities – like ours – can be fully observed after many years. We rarely have spectacular successes that would mobilize people to massive support of our work. If you share our vision of better world – of digital rights and freedoms – for the next generations, don’t hesitate. ACT.

We count on your support and we want you to know that every penny matters for us. We will do our best not to let you down (see our statements and reports here).

Sorry for not having an online donations tool! We’re afraid we will never have one, as all online payments operators that we are aware of base their business model on privacy-harmful data processing. However, you can define a regular one month donation in your bank. We do appreciate regular support in smaller amounts just as much as bigger one-time donations! Thank you!

Panoptykon fundraising policy

  • To stay independent, we do not accept public and corporate funds to support our watchdog activities, otherwise than distributed in open calls for applications with clear criteria and independent expert assessment committees.
  • Public and corporate funds raised otherwise that through an open call for applications may not exceed 50% of our annual budget and may only be used to finance educational and research activities.
  • Private individual donations are used to cover those costs of Panoptykon activities that fall beyond project budgets, such as emergency reactions to crisis situation.

Our financial reports are published on our website and available to anyone interested.