Surveillance after Snowden, 6th Biannual Surveillance & Society Conference [VIDEO]

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The story of post-Snowden debate is a story of crossing the redlines that never should be crossed in democratic society. After at least 10 years of allegations, we gained evidence showing that surveillance is not about fighting terrorism or even public security. It is about intelligence agencies best interests and easy access to citizens data. Surveillance of political allies turn out to be “legitimate": even though there was some public outcry, no strong political reactions followed. Snowden revelations showed that democratic checks and balances both in US and in Europe failed – oversight bodies tolerated or ignored mass surveillance. Secrecy was abused by democratically elected governments to hide their mistakes and major human rights infringements. Katarzyna Szymielewicz talks about these sad truths nearly 12 months after first disclosures made by Edward Snowden.

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